"Waters of forgetfulness"  aka "Dreamers (WT)" -  Feature Film



Feature Film / Switzerland , Spain / Language; English

Duration; 110 Minutes

Aprox. Shooting:      Fall 2024


Director         Jessy Moravec

Producer        Simon Hesse (Zurich, Switzerland)

Co-producer  Norbert Llaras (Barcelona, Spain)

Screenplay    Jessy Moravec & Dave Tucker



A Hesse Film Production


In Co-production with Alhena Production (Spain)


Project development supported by: FOC Federal Office of Culture / SRG

"Animata WT" - Feature Film


Satus: In development


Director:                                Jessy Moravec

Screenplay  :                        Jessy Moravec & Liliane Ott

Production information: Kalliopeia Productions



Four strangers haunted by a recurring dream about a mysterious house seek answers with the help of a dream interpreter. As they confront their darkest secrets and reality begins to blur, they realize that the answers they seek are in the attic, which is mysteriously inaccessible.


Project development  supported by: Migros Ideation

"Hotel Excelsior" - "The Band after tomorrow"


Status: In financing




Director: Liliane Ott, Talkhon Hamzavi, Jessy Moravec,  Martin Skalsky

Production information: Kalliopeia Productions



One hotel room, four decades: Four writer-directors explore stories about the tension between longing for independence and the security of the familiar, all set in the same hotel room over the timespan a hundred years. 


Project supported by: Fast Track Zurich



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